Plant a Tree

Donate money to have a tree planted wherever I am in the world. No profit is made: you donate to cover the costs* and I donate my time. Together we create a partnership that changes the world for the better. By using a lifetime of knowledge of forestry and sustainable development this project ensures your tree is planted and positioned professionally. This guarantees longevity of the tree, community benefit, ecological diversity and sustainability, beauty, and energy conservation.

*costs include: price of tree, soil amendments like manure or peat moss, mycorrhizal inoculant (beneficial soil fungi) and mulch (typically  sourced for free but often requires pick up)

A Postive Focus

A 2005 report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that the Earth's total forest area decreases at a rate of approximately 32,000,000 acres (13 million hectares) each year. It is well-known that much of this happens in the rainforest and this does indeed need our attention. However, deforestation is happening right in our own backyard. It is often more empowering, and more effective, to focus on the potential for positive change we have within our own neighborhoods and communities.


The city beautiful movement

The urban planning movement which became known as the City Beautiful Movement suggests that every street should be covered by trees.

The all-too-common scenario

The all-too-common scenario

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How every street could look

How every street could look

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