Broadscale Site Design

A broadscale site design is the ultimate goal for any property, regardless of the property's size. This is because it is the master plan that acts as the foundation for all future work. By implementing a broadscale site design it ensures that every element of the property, be it a road, a new building, a garden, an outdoor shower, etc, serves its highest function in supporting the goal of the property or project. Otherwise, all of our efforts remain unfocused on the land and may 1) work against one another or 2) work against the master design of the whole project. This is where most projects loose a tremendous amount of potential, effort and money.

For inquiries about rates and times for having a broadscale site design done for your project or property please fill out the contact form.

Permaculture Consultation

In a permaculture consultation you receive invaluable one on one time with a permaculture designer to discuss the issue at hand and have your questions answered. While this serves many purposes it will most immediately go to ensure that your current plan and direction is in line with your goals before you make a mistake. Examples of what this is most often used for include; a physical walk through of a property, where to place a garden, a building or channel water, how to bring permaculture principles and ethics into a design a design that is already built, how to understand a property from a permaculture perspective, and much more.

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Design Courses & Workshops

Richard has taught both entire Permaculture Design Courses where certificates are given as well as a myriad of smaller workshops, classes on plants, biodigesters, cob, intro to permaculture intensives or classes, greywater, etc,. throughout the US and in the Bahamas as well. Permaculture courses are empowering and help to bring life, community and movement into a space or property.

Please contact for more information or if you are interested in hosting a class, intensive or permaculture design course on your property or project.