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Richard G. Powell (Dhyānānanda) - is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and is a graduate of the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, NM. He has studied extensively under Dr. Vasant Lad both in the US and in India. He furthered his studies of Ayurveda and Vedic philosophy under Dr. Ashwin Shastry of Arogya Niketana in Karnataka, India. Richard has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 17 of those years. He is an avid student of Sanskrit, Jyotisha (vedic astrology) and Vedic philosophy. In addition to his studies in the Vedic sciences Richard is a Reiki Master and studies Aikido. He brings his multifaceted healing experience into his consultations with his clients to empower them to make healthier lifestyle choices and to expand their spiritual practice.