Jyotiṣa / Vedic Astrology


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Ancient India gave birth to the Vedas, perhaps the world’s greatest container of wisdom and philosophy as well as humanity’s search for truth and purpose. Jyotiṣa, literally the “Lord of Light” in sanskṛt, is considered to be the eyes of the Vedas because of its unparalleled ability to illuminate life’s greatest questions.

Unlike Western Astrology, Jyotiṣa is based on precise calculations of where the constellations and planets sit. This is because Astronomy and Astrology were studied as one inseparable living science called Jyotir Śāstra. This scientific understanding of the Heavens mixed with the spirituality of the East is what gives Jyotiṣa its astonishing accuracy and its unique ability to guide us on our path to fulfillment and peace.

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