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Ancient India gave birth to the Vedas, perhaps the world’s greatest container of wisdom and philosophy as well as humanity’s search for truth and purpose. Jyotiṣa, literally the “Lord of Light” in sanskṛt, is considered to be the eyes of the Vedas because of its unparalleled ability to illuminate life’s greatest questions.

Jyotiṣa is based on precise calculations of where the constellations and planets sit. This is because Astronomy and Astrology were studied as one inseparable living science called Jyotir Śāstra. This scientific understanding of the Heavens mixed with the spirituality of the East is what gives Jyotiṣa its astonishing accuracy and its unique ability to guide us on our path to fulfillment and peace.

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Shedding light on life - a few of the many areas we can discuss together:

• relationships, compatibility, when will love find you, what type of lover you are / how to love most completely
• money / finance
• moving and residence
• personal mantras to harmonize your chart
• your soul’s purpose

• family karma
• career
• what phase of life are you in, how do you utilize it and what’s next?
• why is life so difficult right now? exact dates it will end and how to bring balance
• In addition to what you want to look at I always share emerging patterns, themes, lessons and anything else that I see that will help you grow and find the most fulfillment.


Session Rates

I strive to make Vedic Astrology as accessible as possible. In light of this there is a sliding scale from $108 - $145.

Ayurveda and Jyotisha Consultation Package: Many clients book both an Ayurveda Health Consultation as well as a Vedic Astrology consultation. There is a 10% discount when purchased together. Through practicing both together they can greatly empower one to have new found energy, vitality and clarity to make the decisions the chart is showing. Please scroll down to schedule.


Jyotisha / Vedic Astrology - Full Session
Explore any of the topics listed above within the hour-long session. In addition to your questions, I always share emerging patterns, themes, lessons, karmas, current phase, when it ends and what is next. Please scroll down to schedule.

$108 - $145 / Per session

Jyotisha / Vedic Astrology & Ayurveda Consultation Package - 10% Discount When Purchased Together
Both Jyotisha and Ayurveda have much to offer us. While I often share a small amount of Ayurveda as it may relate to helping balance your chart and life, it is not the same as a full Ayurveda consultation where I give more comprehensive lifestyle recommendations and a comprehensive herbal formula to address your health needs.

This package will help you unlock the secrets of the stars as well as the secrets of your practical day to day health. Includes

- (1) 1 hour long Ayurveda consultation (herbal formula and medicines not included and vary per client’s needs)

- (1) 1 hour long Jyotisha /Vedic Astrology consultation

(sessions do not need to be scheduled back to back. It is recommended to have a week or so in between) Please scroll down to schedule.

$211.00 / Per package

Jyotisha / Vedic Astrology - Follow-up
Billed in 30-minute increments. Ideal for new questions that have arisen. For current clients only / those who have already had a full chart reading. Please scroll down to schedule.

$54 - $75 / Per 30 minutes



  • 75 minute consultation via zoom video conferencing or phone call

  • I study your unique birth chart for 1.5 hours before our consultation

  • Have your current life questions answered

What others are saying


“Richard's Jyotish services are an absolute blessing in my life. I've had readings from many Vedic astrologers and truly find Richard's work to be unparalleled. I've been receiving readings from him for the past 2 years and have referred Richard's work to at least a dozen of my close friends - with full respect and confidence in his skill, wisdom and clarity.”

- Karen Prosen, MA, CHt - Guide for your spirited life - www.karenprosen.com


“I am so grateful for the wisdom that Richard has shared with me from Vedic Astrology. It has helped me see the greater cycles of my life and better understand the challenges and directions that I need to focus on. Richard has a kind and soothing way about him. I always look forward to having a session with him, and treasure what is revealed. I would recommend his readings to any of my best friends. I appreciate Richard as a guide and teacher in my life.”

- Anne Louise, Sebastopol, CA