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 I’ve spent my life studying healing. From the applied ecological design science of Permaculture, whose primary goal is the healing of the Earth, to the ancient Vedic sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotisha (vedic astrology), which seek to heal the individual, I have used these wisdom traditions as my guiding light. Now I want to share the fruits of my years of study with you.

you see, i came to realize that the common thread in all of these systems is simple: you as an individual are filled with limitless potential and ability. The catch is that we are not in touch with this potential and thereby misuse it. If you are aligned with your highest potential and living a life of divine purpose then health will be yours. This health will then permeate every cell of your being. It will touch the hearts of those around you. If you are living a life contrary to your divine purpose and health - then you perpetuate suffering on various levels.

I submit to you that the lack of health and peace inside of us as well as in the environment is for no other reason than the lack of connection to our ancient wisdom traditions.

The solution? connect again.

This is really what the timeless systems of ayurveda, yoga and jyotisha are offering us. connection to who we are so that we ourselves may heal and experience more peace. connection to nature so that we may heal and enrich the world, not destroy it. This is the subject of my life and work.

I would love to work with you to support you on your journey of health, peace and vibrancy. i would love to help you connect.

please explore below.

yours in peace and health

  • Richard



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Are you tired of the fad diets and constantly changing, and often conflicting, modern health information YET?

Are you ready to experience new levels of health and wellness? to feel your best?

Ayurveda is timeless because it is based upon the natural laws of the universe which we all live within.

Let me show you how to effectively harness the power of this effective healing system in your daily life.


“The one who has balanced doshas, balanced and healthy digestion, balanced bodily tissues, and is sitting in one’s own true nature, is a healthy person.”

- Sushruta Samhita


 Jyotiṣa / Vedic Astrology


The sky above at the moment of your

birth is your life’s map. It tells secrets

and holds deep meanings about the

purpose, phases and lessons

of your life.

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