Have you felt the intensity in your life lately?

Have you felt the intensity in your life lately? This is what's going on...

All of creation is a perfect dance of impeccable timing and orchestration. Nothing is arbitrary. The ancients from many cultures knew this and lived their lives in accordance with these larger patterns to which we all belong. Included in this was the acknowledgement of where the stars and planets are located in the sky during one's birth or during an important event. In the Bible one reads of the wise men finding Jesus by following a star. I submit to you that wise men still observe the sky as well as seek out holy men and women. 

Saturn, the planet that humbles us through delays, obstacles and trials, went retrograde on March 25th. That means that its effects are much stronger, so much so that you will feel this even if you are not in a Saturn phase of your life. Depending on your unique birth chart, your life's map, Saturn will be impacting the meanings of the house in which it currently occupies. Some are experiencing difficulty with family, some with property and accidents, others with inner stress or perceived trials. As the taoist saying goes, "the mighty pine never knows the extent of its true strength until its branches are covered with snow in the winter time." So too is there beauty in trials, we need only to let go of what we think should happen. It is a time of deepening your faith with G-d and surrendering to the Divine's will. 

Additionally in the sky Mars is conjunct with (sitting in the same house as) Saturn which further brings the intensity of Mars (fire, conflict, intensity, et cetera) to the meaning of Saturn. Starting April 18th Mars also goes retrograde which means that both of them will be amplified, again pertaining to what they mean specifically in your chart. Mars and Saturn will both be retrograde in Scorpio until the 16th of June, this will be the first releasing felt. Then Saturn returns to forward motion on August 13th.

It is a time of deepening your faith with G-d and surrendering to the Divine’s will.

In Jyotisha, the ancient science of observing the stars, it is taught that all of the planets are neutral, the "good" and "bad" alike. It is only our ego and mind that colors them as such. As Rumi said, "Those who make you return, for whatever reason, to God's solitude, be grateful to them." Is it not that during the most challenging time's we pray the most? That we do our Sadhana, our practice, the most? From this perspective the challenges are the biggest blessing because through them we grow the most, live the deepest and understand all sides of creation, not merely those that are easiest for us to experience.

If you don't have daily practice, begin one. For all of the reason's above this is why great teachers and yogis will simply say "serve G-d and do your practice". It really is the best use of your time. It will serve as your anchor and draw you closer to your divine purpose on this Earth. Find something to do every day, perhaps a breath exercise, the recitation of a prayer or mantra, meditation... and don't miss a day. In doing this you will be the prodigal son knocking on the door to the house to be let in, but you need knock more than once. The world is full of people who merely tap on the door and then walk away in discouragement. In doing your practice every day, in praying everyday, you knock, bang and kick on the door with every ounce of your love and devotion, then the door opens.

My G-d's will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Amen. Sela.

Richard PowellComment