Permaculture Certification Course... in the Bahamas!



Join me and my team for the next Permaculture Certification Course in the Bahamas. This course will be held at the world-renowned Sivananda Yoga Ashram and is only the second full Permaculture Certification Course to be offered there. We did the first one last year and while it was amazing this year's is going to be even better; featuring more hands on time/projects and also a few additional teachers to create the most dynamic course possible. 

Permaculture is humanity's grand returning to the Earth, ourselves and one another. It holds the answers we all need so that we can intentionally build a bountiful world of growth, health and peace instead of one based on dis-ease, scarcity and war. For more information about this one of a kind course hover over "courses" above. (website under construction, if its not there yet just check back shortly, we'll have it up.)

This course will feature optional daily yoga classes, evening meditation/satsang. Meals included. All of this situated there on and island next to the gorgeous blue ocean!

Lead with Love.

Richard PowellComment